Guy go on a trip, Guy meet a girl, Guy get married

Although I didn’t quite tear-up when the first time I saw this, it didn’t stop me from sharing this to all of my friends like some high school kid in love.

One of the best SUPERBOWL ads I’ve ever seen.


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Making an Impression – Going Out in Flames

This is hella funny! When its my turn to go, I’ll surely make this kinna of impression.

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Garbage Throwing Hummer

Financial Accomplishment Does Not Make You A Good Person

Indonesia is a great country with a bunch of great people living in it. Economics are going on a steady path, upward. Foreign investors are pouring money in like there is no tomorrow. More and more people are getting higher educations and exposing themselves to the global communities.

Taking these facts in mind, I don’t see why is it so hard for some people to keep their freagin trash inside of their cars. What in the world give them the reasons to find it crucial to immediately dump garbage out of their car into the road.

One of my biggest pet peeves are DUMB ASSES that throw stuff out of their cars.

This garbage dumping habits are not only done only by people on the lower education or economic level, I have seen people in some real nice car, dumping shit out of their car windows (Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, DUMBASSes DRIVING A HUMMER AT KEMANG MC D last weekends).

This boggles me, what made them do this? Is it their economic status? Is it their lack of education? Or is it the way they’re brought up? What ever it is, this should be stopped. For those of you reading this, you can look all flashy and glamour-e, but the simplest act such as littering can totally ruin you image. You look poor and uneducated.

Putting all of this a side, let me just go and pick that ciggarete bud that I drop in the drainage.

~Brain Freeze~

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Indo Look

April 9th, 2007 by manael

Being back for a few months now, I noticed several traits in/on a girl, both personalities and physical that Indonesian guys would find attractive. Most of it revolves around the body shape, skin tone and facial structures. Most Indonesian guys will find thin/slim body shape, light colored skin and a round face to be the desirable traits.

Now compare it with these pictures:

American’s would find darker skin tone, full shape body and strong facial structure the attractive traits.

I did not understand the concept of week-needy-protective female and what it is that make them attractive. A woman, well every person, should be able to hold their ground, know what they want, be opinionated and smart, cause smart is sexy.

In my opinion, Indonesian men are awarded with more social advantages compare to women. This, added with the ego that make men as men, created a pattern of traits that most Indo-guys would feel comfortable with, physical traits such as weak looking girls (pale, fragile). This, I believe, is attractive because weak looking girl makes a guy feel more like a man. They are the protector.

And we men LIKE TO FEEL THIS WAY. Argh argh arrgh. Now lets get back to our cave woman!

“brain freeze”


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